EARTHGANG (USA) shot by 54collective at EXIL, Zürich. 

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KRAFTWERK (DE) performing at Unique Moments, Zürich. Shot by 54collective 2018.

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SRF VIRUS 8x15 Shot by 54collective in Nordportal Baden. 2018.

Rejjie Snow (IRL) Shot by 54collective In Zürich. 2018.

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Loyle Carner Shot by 54collective In Zürich. 2017.

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The 1975 shot by 54collective in Zürich. 2017.

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The 19 year old Shermar Paul, better known by his stage name Night Lovell just ended his EU17 tour and we had a chance to experience his performance live in Zürich, Switzerland.

Night Lovell performing in Exil, Zurich. 2017.

Night Lovell performing in Exil, Zurich. 2017.

His beginnings date back to 2013. Starting of solely by producing beats and uploading them to SoundCloud Shremar started rapping roughly an year later. He always wanted to rap he says but he never had the courage. Until the day he recorded his first song, needless to say his first hit song Dark LightShortly after in true SoundCloud-Rap fashion he dropped his first project, Concept Vague. An Album which didn't excel his career tremendously but rather help him build a catalog to support his hit single. He himself says that his first project was very vague, almost meaningless. In the meanwhile before releasing his second project he already had two new hits on his hands, Still Cold and Contraband. Both songs which made it his second project Red Teenage Melody.

Red Teenage Melody, a project which has brought me around the world twice already and all the way to Zürich in March, 2017. 

He played a show in Exil. A small venue in Zürich, which is known for throwing killer parties and this reputation can only be strengthened by Night Lovell's appearance. Lovell carries his "dark" theme of his music onto his shows. Even though he seems to be a very nice guy off stage, as soon he steps out he's in character. Ready to deliver a killer show.

The energy at his shows is hard to describe. The crowd moshing to almost every song, people getting pushed on to the stage, some even breaking their noses. His music is perfect to rage to and Exil was definitely raging beyond expectations. I say Exil because the venue matters a lot at a show like his. Night Lovell's underground-music almost needs a venue which suits the theme. 

To sum it up Lovell's energy towards his fans is just amazing and I'm sure his fans thank him for delivering one of the wildest shows of their life.

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Baschi (CH) Shot by 54collective. 2017.

Nemo (CH) shot by 54collective. 2017.

Post Malone Stoney Tour

Post Malone performing in Dynamo, Zürich. 2017.

Post Malone performing in Dynamo, Zürich. 2017.

The 21 year old Austin Post is currently on his first European tour and we had a chance to attend his show in Zurich, Switzerland. 

After the release of his debut album Stoney, Post decided to go on a tour with Danny Seth. A British man who is clearly very fond of his hometown, London. Danny is the opening act of the night. He is there to prepare the audience for Austin which certainly accomplished in Zurich but there's nothing extraordinary about his set. He didn't get the crowd all fired up as you'd expect but rather made Post's act more interesting as Danny managed set the bar low. Even Post Malone's DJ got the crowd more hyped than he did. 

But after all the waiting Post finally stepped onto the stage. With a beer in his hand, as you'd expect from him. 

He walks out with the White Iverson intro playing in the background and crowd is already feeling his energy. Even though he is still so young and new in the rap game his stage presence is really outstanding. When he's on stage he tries to bond with the crowd. He makes them feel like they're partying with him rather than in front of him. Maybe he has learned that from his close friend Justin Bieber with whom he toured around the U.S. as an opening act.

The energy level at his Zürich gig was through the roof during the whole show. The city definitely showed Posty love but I believe that is just the character of the city. Every time I've been to a sold out show in Zürich the crowd goes wild. It is crazy to see how much hype he has already developed in Switzerland. The crowd was going crazier with every song, well with 12 or so songs he played. 

The thing is, the concert was amazing. He gave stellar show to the audience and the crowd responded well but it left me wanting for more. I had a feeling that the show ended too soon. But I realise why that could be. Post is still at the very beginning of his carrier, because he sprung to fame extremely quickly he hasn't had a chance to develop his discography. With only around 30 songs released to the public, there aren't many left to play for an audience. Even though he has the talent and makes good music, he's got a long way to go before he becomes on of the greats.

Still I found him to very entertaining as a performer and also as the person he is backstage. I would give his show a rating of 8/10 for giving Zürich a night which will be hard to forget. 

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Pedestrians shot by 54collective. 2017.


Nemo Mettler tritt auf im Nordportal, Baden. 2017.

Nemo Mettler tritt auf im Nordportal, Baden. 2017.

Ein Beitrag über einen Schweizer Künstler. A post on a swiss artist.

Nemo Mettler, ein Bieler-Rapper, der sehr bald gefunden wird. Der 17 Jährige trat im Frühjahr von 2016 in Rampenlicht und hat keine Pläne zu seinem alten Leben zurück zu kehren. 

Seine Anfänge führen uns "die grössten Schweizer Talente" zurück. Jedoch scheint er mittlerweile eine Nische in der Mundart-Rap-Szene gefunden zu haben. Denn mit seiner Vorliebe für Jazz und seinem unglaublichen Flow macht Nemo Gute-Laune-Musik. Sein Stil erinnert einem etwas an Cro, minus der Maske natürlich. Momentan ist Mettler sogar auf den Chart zu finden mit seinen zwei Liedern "Ke Bock" und "Himalaya." 

Bei der Menge kommt seine Musik auch ganz gut an. Schon mit 17 tritt der junge Herr an ausverkauften Konzerten auf und alle im Publikum singen mit. Erstaunlich ist die riesige Alterspanne bei seinen Konzerten. 10 Jährige bis 40 Jährige sind im Publikum zu finden. Nemo bietet also für Alt und Jung etwas. 

Doch mit Fame kommt immer auch einwenig Hate mit sich. Viele sagen, er sei nur durch dem Hype und Support von SRF an seine Berühmtheit gelangt. Solche Kommentare stören aber den 17 jährigen nicht. Seiner Meinung hat man ohne einem Talent gar keine Chance einen Hype aufzubauen. 
Aber der unglaubliche Support von SRF ist wirklich übersehbar. Schon seit zwei Jahren macht er beim SRF Bounce-Cypher mit, wo er im ersten Jahr sogar Geschichte schrieb als der jüngste Rapper in diesem Cypher auftreten zu dürfen. Mettler hatte auch schon die Möglichkeit in der SRF3 Glasbox aufzutreten.

Mittlerweile ist es egal, was einer selber denkt, man muss es zugeben wie erstaunlich sein Erfolg mit so einem jungen Alter ist. Für Nemo geht es in diesem Jahr definitiv nur bergauf. Letzte Woche gewann er sogar noch den Swiss Music Award für Best Talent!
Auch an eingen grossen Festivals tritt der junge Herr dieses Jahr auf. Also, falls ihr eine Möglichkeit habt, ihn live in action zu sehen, verpasst diese nicht. 

Riders Connection shot by 54collective. 2017.


I Decided. Album Cover

I Decided. Album Cover

In the first week of this February Big Sean delivered his fourth commercial project "I Decided."
Since then we have heard the album countless times, trying to build a opinion and decipher Sean's latest work.

The intro track of this album starts with a man looking back on his life, stating how dissatisfied he is by his life. How he has achieved nothing extraordinary by living his very ordinary life but somehow thinks he may be able to change it all. 
The first track hints that I Decided may even be a concept album. Listening further proves this theory false but not to full extent. 

Sean explains that he envisions four different acts through out this record with a man having a chance to relive his life while holding on to the wisdom he gathered in his past life. Encouraging him to take risks he never would have taken. 

Hearing his theory about the four acts in his album made me realise that there really are four sections in this projects. Although I don't see the sections as Sean describes them. I recognize two themes in this project, Sean's ego and love. The first act of the album would be him recognizing his self-worth. The second act is about missed love and his anger towards someone who cheated on him. We couldn't figure out who this person may be but he has stated that some things or stories on this record are fabricated. A result of his artistic mind, he says.
The remaining two acts in my opinion are just advancements of this theme. In the third act I hear him talking about his over the top reassurance, he feels unbeatable, he feels like he is in the top 5 of the game. The last and final act on this album speaks about unconditional love. The love, which is always present with your family. He talks about his feelings towards his mom and how grateful he is for all the sacrifices his family has made for him. 
The story ends like the start. Sean has a feeling that he's doing everything twice, sort of reliving his life.

I think this album talks about subjects every rapper has made songs about: love, family, losses.
This record fails to bring something new to the table. It doesn't show any musical advancements, neither does the record share a truly heartbreaking story. 
Big Sean has created a turn-up album with borrowed styles and motifs with the trapy beats seen on a project like If you're reading this it's to late and stories that just seem unreasonable to cry about. But what can I say, he's the world-known rap artist and I could never even imagine how it would be to walk in his shoes. 

With all that I would still recommend you to listen to this album if you're feeling low and need something to get your spirits up, if you need something to get your blood flowing. 
All in all I would give this Album a rating of 7/10. You can see that Sean has matured in this project but the lack of innovation in sound just makes this lacking. It's a step behind the game not a step ahead.